Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Amazing Adventures of Loki and Layla

When morning comes, an abundance of kisses comes with it. It's not the sweet kisses between a husband and a wife. It's the slobbery licks of Loki, and the half-lick, half-bites of Layla.

We've realized the trick is to keep our eyes shut, even if we're awake. As soon as the dogs see our eyes are open, their tails start wagging like crazy. They know we are awake, and they are ready to play. Loki usually creeps up to my head slowly, whereas Layla pounces on my head.

Waking with Loki and Layla is never the slow, relaxing process I hope for, where I can lay in bed awake for a few minutes. It's a quick, get-out-of-bed-and-into-the-shower or a dog is going to eat your face.

Even if I have to use the bathroom, I sleepwalk to it, with my eyes closed and my arms stretched out like a zombie. We have to keep up the appearance that we are still asleep. It's the only way to keep the dogs sane.

We've had t-shirt weather here until this morning. Dixie planted about a dozen flowers in our garden, and then it snowed overnight. She attempted to save the plant's lives early this morning. Layla helped by eating all the snow off of the petals.
Dixie is amazing as ever. She started to show this week, and her belly grew so fast. It's a good thing because I now know the baby has space in there. She's the most beautiful pregnant woman ever still.

I bought the coolest shirt in the world this weekend. Dixie says I can only wear it around the house, so I have to change into it every day I get home from school. 
For those of you unacquainted with the X-Men, that's Gambit - the coolest of the cool. He'll be featured in the Wolverine movie coming out next week. Go see it and support your local mutants.

Well that's all till next time. We should know the sex of the baby soon.