Thursday, August 19, 2010

This kid is funny. And I mean funny.

He loves having his picture taken and poses for the camera if the flash goes off.
He pushes us away when we try to snuggle or hug him.
He screams when we kiss him.
He has a particularly low giggle when he thinks he is doing something naughty.
He thinks its funny when we say no (even though we never laugh).
He loves (LOVES) Mickey Mouse. Seriously. LOVES Mickey Mouse.
He loves books and reads to himself all the time.
He chases Loki around the house (but hates kisses from him too).

He keeps us busy, entertained and laughing all day.

Niagara Falls.

Things have been crazy the last few weeks but just to catch everyone up...we graduated, packed up our little home in small town Rexburg and moved across country to big city Niagara Falls/Buffalo. Now we're almost done unpacking and getting settled. We are living on Grand Island which is just about 4 miles south of Niagara Falls in the Niagara River. So far, it's been a great little community and our ward has been especially wonderful. The bishop even let us shower at his house for 4 days until our electricity and hot water were turned on.
During our move we had help from Ben's friend, Mike, and my nephew, Jeremy. They were awesome! We couldn't have done it without them and Jeremy is just the GREATEST babysitter of all time. As a small thank you we took them out to eat and to see the falls. And I must say, the falls totally lived up to my expectations.