Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Easter

We had a wonderful weekend. We played and ate lots of chocolate and made Alex sit on a creepy bunny's lap.

We also feed the missionaries in our ward every Sunday- including Easter! They are such good sports about my so-so cooking skills. They're really boosting my confidence. I even tried gravy yesterday (albeit it was from a packet. HA!). We all dyed Easter eggs and we sent pictures of the missionaries to their families through my phone.

Alex had a great time eating lots of chocolate and then having a complete meltdown when I took it away. We rarely give him candy and after yesterday's experience, he won't be getting any more any time soon.

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. I am grateful for such a special holiday and all of the blessings that atonement of Christ brings into my life. HAPPY EASTER!

ps. I also got called and set apart as the 1st counselor in the Young Women's presidency yesterday! Girls camp round 5 here I come!!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Hockey Playoffs

We are getting ready to watch the hometown Buffalo Sabres game tonight. - Ben and Alex

Sunday, April 10, 2011

to Rochester we go!

Yesterday we packed up the family and headed to Rochester to a J. Ruben Clark Society fireside. The J. Ruben Clark Society is a society for LDS lawyers and law students. New York has a pretty small chapter but we got to meet some other LDS families in the area that were experiencing a lot of the same things we are. Ben did some networking, I did some chatting with the wives and Alex did some climbing and kamikaze diving off the stage!

We have decided that we both really like the city of Rochester and the smaller communities surrounding it. It reminds us both of Richmond. We parked the car and walked around a little town that has the Erie canal running parallel with the main street. There were neat little stores and restaurants that were in restored granaries and silos.

Every time we head towards Rochester we make sure to stop at our favorite burger place- Five Guys! I am happy to say that Alex loved it as much as we did (he also liked dancing to the oldies they played). My mouth is still watering over my cheeseburger that disappeared way too fast.

Once we got to the church building where the fireside was being held we had a few extra minutes so we drove right across the street to a great playground! We discovered Alex is afraid of walking on grass and hates the swing! As the weather gets warmer and we start spending more time outside I'm hoping this problem will resolve itself.

We liked Rochester so much that it has become a potential job hunting location when the time comes. For now, Ben has accepted a summer internship in a human rights office in Rochester. So he will have a little ways to drive two days a week but it's an exciting step in the right direction!