Wednesday, April 21, 2010

It's official.

We are officially going to Buffalo, New York! Ben will be attending the law school at New York State University at Buffalo.

So far everyone we've told has said something like, "you guys must really love the cold". Well we don't. I've been pretty worried about things like road conditions, getting out to walk our dogs, and overall safety. However, I've found some encouragement from some pictures of Buffalo I found online.

It looks like they keep their roadways nice and plowed.

Walking the dogs looks like it won't be a problem either.

And why should I worry about someone breaking in when they'd have to shovel ten feet of snow just to get to the door?

Overall I think Buffalo is a great fit for us and I really (truly) am very excited to start the next chapter of our lives.

Monday, April 19, 2010


Ben, Alex and I spent our week vacation visiting Ben's dad in Florida. We hit the beach, the aquarium and some really good restaurants. Alex liked the aquarium, but he was just a little too young to be captivated. He did like to watch the fish swim right in front of him though.
Alex LOVED the sponge and of course immediately tried to put it in is mouth. ewww.

The alligator vs. Ben (he wouldn't get too close even with the glass separating them).

I love this picture.

We were in a hurry when we got Alex's swim diapers and when we got home we realized that not only were they pink, they also had the little mermaid on them!

The first time the water touched Alex's feet he screamed, but Ben and I love the beach too much to be thwarted by a few tears. We kept dipping him in until he decided he was okay.