Saturday, November 13, 2010

a time of firsts.

After weeks of walking while holding on with one hand and crawling on his hands and feet (not knees) Alex FINALLY took his first steps. We thought the day would never come. Up until now he has been too afraid to move when we let go. So he would stand frozen and slowly lower himself to the floor. We knew he could do it if he would just give it a try and he finally did. Unfortunately, we didn't get any pictures. After the first few steps he decided that nose diving was the new cool thing to do.

With the season of family pictures coming up we decided it was time for Alex to have his first real haircut. Yes, that's right, we cut off the mullet.

Doesn't he look terrified in this picture? He just sat there with this horrified expression on his face the whole time. The only time he moved was when the hairstylist touched his ears and then he would have a little freak out.

Here are a few pictures from the trim he got from his Auntie Mychael-Ann over the summer and a few more just for fun.