Tuesday, June 7, 2011

like father-like son

The Gra-Nanas

We had a fabulous time with my mom and Cindy a couple of weeks ago. They came up for a weekend and we had so much fun! We went shopping, antiquing, saw Wicked, went to Lake Ontario, went to Niagara Falls and still had time to play games, go to church and relax. I can't believed we packed so much into two days!

Lake Ontario was beautiful but it was very foggy and drizzly the day we went. It created a strange effect that was a little...erie (hah! no pun intended).

Wicked was amazing...the story is wonderful, the music is spectacular and the theater was beautiful. I couldn't capture the grandeur with my little cell phone camera so I stole a picture from google. There are some things that I love about living in a big city.


A couple of weeks ago we made a spontaneous little trip to Florida to see Ben's dad. We splashed in the pool (we couldn't keep Alex out!), walked on the beach and little dock, and even visited a little alligator sanctuary where Ben faced his fear and touched an alligator. It was a short trip but we got some much needed sunshine.