Sunday, July 4, 2010

be kind. rewind.

With all of the crazy stuff going on lately we have sadly neglected to blog. So to catch everyone up on the last month or so we...

threw Ben a 25th birthday party. Spiderman themed, of course.

In preparation for the party, Alex and I did a little art project. We present Alex's first paintings!

Alex decided the paintbrush looked like a yummy snack just as I was taking the picture.

And he was sooo sad I wouldn't let him ingest liquid plastic.

I also got to take a little trip to San Francisco and saw so many great things. Unfortunately, Ben and Alex had to stay in chilly Rexburg while I walked around sunny California.

I spent a lot of time in Chinatown and ate the BEST Chinese food I've ever had.

My cousin Marisa lives in San Francisco and I was so lucky to get to spend the evening with her!

The whole point of going to San Francisco was to see art, and here's a little sample of what I got to see.

The next post will probably be from Buffalo, NY written by a college graduate!